belated birthday checkup

I recently had another birthday, which was my reminder to get my 10th annual post-kidney donation checkup. June was a particularly busy, stressful month for me this time around, so I was a bit late getting it done. But I am thrilled to report that my creatinine, the blood test used to estimate kidney function, went from its near-normal 1.11 last year to 1.12 this year—which, given the test's imperfection and lab-to-lab variation, I consider to be identical. No abnormal amounts of protein in my urine, which is a sign of kidney damage. And no hint of diabetes or hypertension, which account for two-thirds of chronic kidney disease in this country.

So, with my normal blood pressure, I yet again feel no pressure to cut down on my excessive salt intake. Now picture my Whoop, WHOOP! Two snaps up and Heeeyyyy! followed by busting into my celebratory jig—which seamlessly transitions from the Cabbage Patch to the Roger Rabbit to the Running Man for a good 30 seconds…before ending with hands on my knees, panting, because you know a sista is old when these are her go-to moves!

Happy belated birthday to me!